Payments Expertise


I am a seasoned payments specialist and an expert in the business and technology of electronic card payments and acquiring. I provide solutions that enable payments businesses to start, grow, compete and transform.

I’m finance and engineering qualified, so conversant with numbers and technology. As the inventor of Dynamic Currency Conversion patents, I know how to conceptualise solutions, commercialise and defend them.

As the Head of Global Business Development at Currency Select, I've been intimately involved in the evolution and expansion of the business since its inception. I sold the core acquiring platform to the original founders and helped them materialise their vision of the business before it even launched. I helped the original founders to build and grow the transaction processing business and ultimately to sell to Travelex in 2008. I've continued to play an instrumental role in growing, and selling the business (again), and now it's one of the leading global players in the Dynamic Currency Conversion and Multi-Currency Processing acquiring landscape under the ultimate ownership of Global Blue.

I bring insight, expertise, energy and passion and am excited about the potential for FinTech to enhance people’s lives.

I'm always interested in developing professional relationships, so please feel free to get in touch.


Business and sales development | Contract development and negotiation | Product development and commercialisation | Custom solution design and development | Intellectual property management | Project management | Operations | M&A | Startup intrapreneurship


POS and e-Commerce merchant acquiring | Merchant risk assessment and pricing | ATM acquiring | Dynamic Currency Conversion | Multi-Currency Processing | Transaction authorisation, clearing, settlement, dispute management | Payment card scheme regulation | Money transfer | FinTech